All about the freeze dried wheatgrass

Freeze dried wheatgrass is a food prepared from the cotyledons of the soft wheat plant, Triticum aestivum (subspecies of the Poaceae family). It is sold as a concentrated juice or powder. Wheatgrass differs from Malta wheat in that it is served freeze-dried or fresh, while Malta wheat is convectively dried. Wheatgrass can grow more. Like most plants, it contains chlorophyll, amino acids, minerals, vitamins, and enzymes.

Assertions about the health benefits of wheatgrass range from providing supplemental nutrition to having unique healing properties, although few, if any, have been scientifically proven, it is often available in juice bars, and some consumers grow and wheatgrass juice in their homes. It is available as fresh produce, tablets, frozen juice and powder. Freeze dried wheatgrass is also available in spray, cream, gel, lotion and a concentrated massage drink. Wheatgrass contains wheat gluten.

History of freeze dried wheatgrass:

Wheatgrass can be traced in history over 5000 years, ancient Egypt and perhaps even early Mesopotamian civilizations. It is supposed that ancient Egyptians found sacred leaves young wheat leaves and those appreciated for their positive effect on their health and vitality. The consumption of wheatgrass in the Western World began in the 1930s as a result of experiments carried out by Charles F. Schnabel in his attempts to popularize the plant. By 1940, cans of powdered grass from Schnabel were on sale in major pharmacies throughout the United States and Canada

The freeze dried wheatgrass one of the best known and valued Super Foods of our time, widely used by health professionals in renowned centers around the world. Its high concentration of the precious chlorophyll may be one of the reasons why so many therapeutic properties are attributed to it. REAL WHEATGRASS, REAL GREEN POWER. There is nothing better to start the year than with a wheatgrass detox. Here we explain how to take it.

We are already full in the New Year and we have not heard! And we have not heard that all that we have eaten during Christmas now accompanies us all the time, in the hips, in the belly, etc…. And good those extra kilos are not the worst of all, the worst of all are those toxins that have accumulated and are not good for our health. If we are doing a DETOX diet or we want to start making it, the wheatgrass juice is a powerful ally. The most important thing is that we consume it daily.

  • Natural energy source
  • Encourages normal cleaning
  • Contributes to overall health and vitality

WHEATGRASS JUICE is made from freeze dried wheatgrass grown in natural soil, and rich in nutrients. These tender buds contain nutrients that favor the cleansing of the organism, improve energy levels, as well as promote general vitality. At the apex of its potency, wheatgrass supplements are lyophilized to ensure their integrity and quality. Wheatgrass has traditionally been used to promote natural cleansing, energy levels, and general well-being. Freeze dried wheatgrass are a practical way to benefit from the enormous nutritional benefits that wheatgrass contains. How can you take it? Drink a “shot” or “shot” before each meal of your detox diet, if you think you cannot take this amount, take at least one 30ml shot every morning on an empty stomach.

You can also mix it with other fruits or vegetables such as apple, pineapple, strawberries, etc. and make a rich juice or green smoothie. For example, you can make a super detox juice with these ingredients: 2 fuji apples, half a lemon, a piece of ginger and 20 ml of fresh wheatgrass juice. If it is very difficult to grow or get fresh juice, you can also get it lyophilized, which although not exactly the same, retains enough of the nutrients. That is the reason that this is the time of the year in which most talk about DETOX DIETS.

But what are the keys to effective cleaning? The most important thing is to take antioxidants, as these protect the cells from free radicals that can damage them or even kill them. Also, good hydration is essential and also let our digestive system rest. Perhaps the food that helps us the most in cleaning our body is wheatgrass juice, as well as being super nutritious, since it contains nine essential amino acids, vitamins (C, A, K, etc …), essential minerals and enzymes Like SOD, catalase, etc., it is also super antioxidant and alkalizing .

The freeze dried wheatgrass is natural and organic, so it guarantees the absence of harmful chemicals and health products, as well as dyes, preservatives or artificial flavors. Nutritionally, freeze dried wheatgrass is very complete, since it is harvested when the plants are still young and harvested during the growth phase, at which time it has a higher concentration of nutrients and the different enzymes present in its composition make these they are easier to digest. Likewise, the wheatgrass is subsequently lyophilized under a strict quality process, for which it maintains intact its high concentration of essential amino acids, chlorophyll, fiber, vitamins and minerals such as calcium, iron, and potassium.

The chlorophyll is the natural pigment that gives green plants. In the human organism exerts a lot of benefits, among them increase and facilitate the transport of oxygen in the body and purify and clean the blood of toxins. Freeze dried wheatgrass is also an excellent alkalizing agent that neutralizes the excess acid produced by intense physical activity and metabolism of foods such as meat, fish, dairy, alcohol or coffee.

  • For its content vitamins and minerals, strengthens the immune system and the body’s defenses.
  • It is an excellent antioxidant capable of decreasing the accumulation of free radicals.
  • The fiber contributes significantly to optimize the intestinal transit, provide satiety and improve digestion form.
  • The presence of different digestive enzymes, especially amylases and proteases, is equally interesting in the improvement of the digestive processes.

General odontology at Riverhead Orthodontics

Riverhead Orthodontics has a lot for you! There are many treatments that are necessary for you and your smile. Do not worry us at Riverhead Orthodontics have lots of deals and treatments for you!

Cleaning or prophylaxis : It consists of the mechanical removal of tartar, spots and bacterial plaque from tooth surfaces. It is important to remember that the mouth has bacteria and that frequent brushing (after meals) and flossing keeps our mouth healthy and free of periodontal disease. Dental prophylaxis is recommended more or less frequently depending on each case, it is usually recommended 1 to 2 times a year. It is a painless treatment, which consists in the thorough elimination of tartar to avoid future problems such as gum bleeding, pain, inflammation, etc.

Although a low percentage of patients complain of discomfort during the procedure and sensitivity in later days, analgesia is not recommended, but the use of toothpaste for sensitive teeth and soft bristle brushes and sometimes, rinses that help to reduce inflammation of the affected gingiva.

Restorations : It is the reconstruction of a portion of the tooth destroyed, fractured, worn or irreversibly affected by any pathology.

Within the restorations at Riverhead Orthodontics we have : Resin (aesthetic) seals (shims). This treatment is performed in cases where the patient has dental caries or fractures of some portion of the tooth due to some trauma. The treatment consists of the removal of said cavities, the cleaning of the cavity and the placement of cavitary covering bases for the protection of the tooth and to avoid sensitivity or filtrations and later the final restoration with a material called “Resin” whose function is to comply with the aesthetic and occlusal functions of the tooth so that the patient can eat, speak and smile normally.

Incrustations : They consist of larger restorations to replace a portion of the tooth that has been damaged or lost and is too large to fit a resin seal. The inlays also fulfill the aesthetic and occlusal functions required. There are different methods of performing them, they can be direct (placed at the same time) or they can be indirect (when they are sent to the laboratory).

Whitening : Aesthetic dental treatment that manages to reduce several shades the original color of the tooth to achieve a brighter, younger and healthy-looking smile. There are different types of whitening, usually those performed at home and those performed in the doctor’s office.

Oral Rehabilitation : Crowns and bridges: they are fixed prostheses. There are various materials to make them. They have indicated in cases in which the destruction of one or more teeth is so severe that the only possibility of saving it is to “cover” it with a crown made to the exact size of the tooth and that complies with the anatomy of the piece to be restored. to restore the occlusion. In some cases, nerve treatment (endodontics) is required in these parts.

Implants : They are one of the best solutions today. They are indicated in cases of loss of one or more teeth. The advantage of implants is that they do not require wear of neighboring pieces such as bridges and offer adequate stability and aesthetics. They adapt well to the bone to which they are placed and to the adjacent pieces. They are a solution for life. It is important an initial assessment, radiographs to assess the level of bone and study models to determine the best option for each case.

Home remedies of Nail fungus

Toenail fungus is a very common disorder that can grow under your skin. It usually affects the toe nails and the skin around the nails. The key signs of this disorder include presence of cracks on toenail, discoloring of nails, severe odor and yellowing of toenail. It is very easy for the fungus to infect the toenail skin. It can also transfer to other finger nails if left untreated. It is necessary to treat this disorder to prevent from severe consequences later. The early treatment can prevent from the spread of this disorder to other finger nails. There are present different types of treatments for this disorder like creams, tablets, lotions, spray and liquid chemicals. Each kind of product has its own pros and cons. The use of Zeta Clear is widely reported by the people who suffer from this kind of problem. It is a liquid chemical used on toe and finger nails. It contains best antioxidant and anti bacterial properties. It can kill bacteria, fungus, virus and other germs with ease. It contains all natural ingredients hence it is very safe for human health. You can also use many other home remedies for the treatment of this disorder. The most popular types of home remedies are following

  1. Zetaclear

It is a most effective and reliable treatment to treat toenail fungus problem. There are several reasons to choose this product like it is a natural product. It has spontaneous results. It contains tea tree oil and almond oil. It is mostly recommended by the physicians in the whole world. It is easily available on medical stores. You can also buy it online with ease and comfort. It is very simple to use this product because you just need to dip the applicator in liquid and apply on your nails. All these reasons make this product best for the treatment of nail fungus.

  1. Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil has antiseptic properties. It has also best antimicrobial features. In order to treat all kinds of fungal and viral problems, you can use this product. It has potential to fix the fungal nail issue within few days. It is a best natural product that offers immediate response. It can be used to treat the nail fungal issue at home. You can use a cotton ball to apply this mixture to your toenails. Stand the cotton ball for ten minutes on your toenails for better absorption of liquid. You will observe significant results after few days.

  1. Almond oil

Use of almond oil is also best for the nail fungal treatment. It contains antioxidant properties. Hence it can kill the fungi fast. It can also kill the bacteria and yeast. You can apply this mixture on toenails with the help of applicator and cotton balls. For best outcome you can purchase zeta clear because it contains all natural ingredients like almond oil, tea tree oil and other ingredients. It is a best product for the treatment of all kinds of fungal disorders.

Neuropathy Support Formula

Any kind of pain is hard to bear for a human being. We are naturally predisposed to dislike pain. It can alter our mood and make it difficult for us to concentrate. There are different kinds of pain that are felt by a person during the course of his lifetime. Some of them are caused because of internal issues within the body while others are caused by external injuries as a result of an accident. Neuropathy is a kind of nerve pain that is caused when a nerve gets damaged and becomes incapable of conducting nerve signals to its target location. It can cause a great deal of burning pain in the affected area. Nerve Renew is a new nerve pain supplement that has a neuropathy support formula and can bring quick relief to the patients of this condition.

What is Included in the Nerve Renew Formula?
The USP of the Nerve Renew is its proprietary formula which has been unearthed after great scientific research and study by the scientists and researchers are Neuropathy Treatment Group. It is one of the most fast-acting formulas for neuropathic pain and has been tested to offer quick pain relief to the patients. Composed of active ingredients that are easily absorbed by the body, the neuropathy support formula of Nerve Renew can get to work immediately and provide relief from the unending pain that patients is suffering from. The following is a detailed account of the ingredients that have been used in the making of this amazing supplement.

  • Methylcobalamin (Methyl-B12)

Vitamin B12 has long been linked with nerve pain relief. A number of the neuropathy vitamin B12 supplements commonly available in the market utilize cyanaocobalamin as the type of vitamin B12 in their formulas. However, cyanaocobalamin is not utilized by the body effectively and has to be first converted into Methylcobalamin before it can be properly used for reducing nerve pain. While in young people this isn’t much of a problem, for older adults it becomes a big issue as the ability of the body to convert cyanaocobalamin into Methylcobalamin goes down with age. Nerve Renew contains Methylcobalamin so it is ideal for people of all ages suffering from neuropathy pain.

  • Benfotiamine (A type of Vitamin B1)

Vitamin B1 is another vitamin that has been considered as beneficial for minimizing nerve pain. Thiamine has been used for this purpose and is found in various supplements used for nerve pain.  Thiamine isn’t absorbed by the body so quickly though and much of it gets wasted as a result. Benfotiamine on the other hand gets absorbed real fast thanks to its open ring structure. Studies done on Benfotiamine have suggested that it can reduce nerve pain in patients of diabetic neuropathy quite effectively.

  • Stabilized R-Alpha Lipoic Acid

Antioxidants are extremely efficient when it comes to neutralizing free radicals which are the primary cause of nerve damage in the body. R-Alpha Lipoic Acid is part of the Nerve Renew formula and can help in combating these free radicals. Moreover, it is also very effective in promoting oxygen and blood flow to the nerves too which helps in easing the burning pain synonymous with neuropathy.

In addition to the ingredients listed above, the Nerve Renew formula has been fortified with additive herbal extracts as well. The addition of these extracts has made this supplement to have a more neuropathy support formula. The reason for this is that these herbal extracts have been carefully chosen to enhance the nerve pain relieving effects of Nerve Renew. The following is a list of the herbal extracts that are a part of this supplement’s formula.

  • Skullcap Extract
  • Passionflower Extract
  • Feverfew Extract
  • Oat Straw Extract