General odontology at Riverhead Orthodontics

Riverhead Orthodontics has a lot for you! There are many treatments that are necessary for you and your smile. Do not worry us at Riverhead Orthodontics have lots of deals and treatments for you!

Cleaning or prophylaxis : It consists of the mechanical removal of tartar, spots and bacterial plaque from tooth surfaces. It is important to remember that the mouth has bacteria and that frequent brushing (after meals) and flossing keeps our mouth healthy and free of periodontal disease. Dental prophylaxis is recommended more or less frequently depending on each case, it is usually recommended 1 to 2 times a year. It is a painless treatment, which consists in the thorough elimination of tartar to avoid future problems such as gum bleeding, pain, inflammation, etc.

Although a low percentage of patients complain of discomfort during the procedure and sensitivity in later days, analgesia is not recommended, but the use of toothpaste for sensitive teeth and soft bristle brushes and sometimes, rinses that help to reduce inflammation of the affected gingiva.

Restorations : It is the reconstruction of a portion of the tooth destroyed, fractured, worn or irreversibly affected by any pathology.

Within the restorations at Riverhead Orthodontics we have : Resin (aesthetic) seals (shims). This treatment is performed in cases where the patient has dental caries or fractures of some portion of the tooth due to some trauma. The treatment consists of the removal of said cavities, the cleaning of the cavity and the placement of cavitary covering bases for the protection of the tooth and to avoid sensitivity or filtrations and later the final restoration with a material called “Resin” whose function is to comply with the aesthetic and occlusal functions of the tooth so that the patient can eat, speak and smile normally.

Incrustations : They consist of larger restorations to replace a portion of the tooth that has been damaged or lost and is too large to fit a resin seal. The inlays also fulfill the aesthetic and occlusal functions required. There are different methods of performing them, they can be direct (placed at the same time) or they can be indirect (when they are sent to the laboratory).

Whitening : Aesthetic dental treatment that manages to reduce several shades the original color of the tooth to achieve a brighter, younger and healthy-looking smile. There are different types of whitening, usually those performed at home and those performed in the doctor’s office.

Oral Rehabilitation : Crowns and bridges: they are fixed prostheses. There are various materials to make them. They have indicated in cases in which the destruction of one or more teeth is so severe that the only possibility of saving it is to “cover” it with a crown made to the exact size of the tooth and that complies with the anatomy of the piece to be restored. to restore the occlusion. In some cases, nerve treatment (endodontics) is required in these parts.

Implants : They are one of the best solutions today. They are indicated in cases of loss of one or more teeth. The advantage of implants is that they do not require wear of neighboring pieces such as bridges and offer adequate stability and aesthetics. They adapt well to the bone to which they are placed and to the adjacent pieces. They are a solution for life. It is important an initial assessment, radiographs to assess the level of bone and study models to determine the best option for each case.